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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My other life

We're kind of at a stand still at the moment.  We are waiting to be matched.  Currently, I'm okay with this stand still.  

It is late August.  My favorite time of year - the Minnesota State Fair.  It's also the time of year to extract honey. 

OH yeah,  along with my introduction post, I should have told you a little more about myself.  I have 2 hobbies.  I am a beekeeper in the summer and very recently, I've turned my other hobby (baking) into a business.  I won't get too in depth, but I love them both.

Beekeeping:  I first started out when my dad's friend told me he has been keeping bees for many years.  I thought, "hmm, sounds fun... I've never tried that.  I probably should."  I'm in my fourth year now and am completely hooked.  I love it all - even my battle wounds.  Up until this year, I have had a mentor.  He's still around, when needed.  I think I'm doing OK... there are a lot of bees and honey!

Baking:  My true love.  It relaxes me.  I enjoy trying new recipes.  I like hearing people say how delicious it all tastes.  Do I like it as a job?  Not so sure yet.  I feel anxious when someone pays me for something I made.  I worry whether or not they will like it.  I worry whether or not I will get an angry call or email.  I'm fragile in that aspect. 

Along with my hobbies, I have a full-time job, my husband and I raise two kids and a dog, and our house is always under construction (currently the kitchen).

I'd love to be matched with a couple soon. But for now, I am OK with this stand still.