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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Part I (and a half)

I asked for a referral from my OBGYN for a new surrogacy agency.  I was referred to an agency in Chicago.  I went on their website and filled out Part I of the application.  Like before, I passed with flying colors.  After Part I was complete, I got an email from a Surrogate Coordinator who works for the agency.  She sent me a lot more paper work to fill out and asked a few questions.  I started filling out Part II and told her why I was rejected from the other agency.  She told me she doesn't think they will have any issue matching me with intended parents and asked if I would send them my insurance information. YES!....wait, WHAT?!

WOW!  Amazing!  On cloud 9!  Then, all of the sudden, scared out of my mind!  How is this happening so quickly?  There are a lot more people I want to talk to before a baby is implanted in me!  I haven't talked to my work yet.  I haven't talked to our Pastor.  OMG! What am I going to do?!

*Deep Breath* First, I have to find my insurance booklet.  That will buy me a couple of days.  

I talked to my work.  They were speechless because they had never really thought about someone working for them becoming a Gestational Surrogate.  They asked questions.  I answered.  They are very supportive.  I am so blessed to have this job.  

I set up an appointment to talk to our Pastor and he suggested I talk to a lady in our church who is very active in the pro life community so after a few emails back and forth, I set up an appointment with her.